People’s Postcode Lottery Award announcement

Wixford Village Hall has unexpectedly been awarded a massive £75,000 by the Peoples Postcode Lottery! This windfall has come about because a group of ticketholders in the B49 postcode in Alcester have won £1,000,000 between them. 

Charities within a winning postcode area can also benefit from the win. Those who have recently received funding from the Peoples Postcode Lottery (we received £25,000 from them in 2022, earmarked to cover the demolition of the old hall) are then considered for further funding. When the PPL team saw the Wixford Village Hall website they were very impressed to see how much money we had raised overall and how well the project was progressing. They contacted us, examined our accounts in detail and later gave us the news that we were being awarded a further £75,000 over a two-year period.

This is a huge bonus to the village and will help us to get the new hall off to a great start once our contractors hand over the building, now expected to be by the end of May.

The Village Hall Committee


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